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Several Types Of Car Coatings

Car paint protection or commonly called paint protection is a liquid that can protect the surface of car paint. Unlike car shampoo, this car protective layer will cover the car with a strong barrier. You can bring back the shine on the body of the car that has been lost due to years of use. The use of this car paint protection layer will protect your car from dust and dirt so that it can reduce the frequency of car washes. Some car paint protection products from car detailing san diego can even prevent scratches on the car body. This is important to keep your car shiny.

So that you don’t choose the wrong choice, we will explain the points that you should pay attention to before choosing a car paint protection coating.

Choose the type based on the display finish and cost
Broadly speaking, there are four types of car paint protectors. Decide first what you want to focus on, then examine the pros and cons of each type.

– Polymer coating, easy to use even by women
The polymer coating is a polymer coating that will protect car paint when applied to the surface of your car paint. Not only does it have a friendly price, but polymer coating is the type that most effectively protects car paint compared to other types. In addition, this type will also make your car paint look shiny. However, the coating produced by this type of product is relatively thin, so you need to re-polish it. Since re-polishing should be done every two or three months, this type is actually more appropriate for people who are painstaking in periodic maintenance.

– Glass coating, the strongest and most durable for more than one year
Glass coating has the strongest resistance compared to other coating types. This strong resistance is obtained from the glass fibers that coat the entire body of the vehicle or so-called nano ceramic. This makes the glass coating not only resistant to rain and dust but also resistant to scratches. Once applied, this glass coating will last more than one year so you don’t need to re-polish it often.
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