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How To Make A Room Seem Spacious And Beautiful

The use of carpets can not only be applied to a room that has an area, those of you who have a minimalist family room or living room can also apply a carpet as a complement to your room decor. With a note that you know certain tricks, then you can change your minimalist room to look wider just by choosing the right carpet. Meanwhile, in terms of carpet cleaning, if you find it difficult to do this, you can use carpet cleaning north shore services to make your carpet clean and smell good again. Here are some ways to make a minimalist room look wider even if you use a carpet.

Matching the carpet with the theme of your room is the first tip you can apply. In this case, you can consider in advance what the theme of the room that you will give the carpet accent is. Do not let the presence of carpets, this will distract the decorations that are already in the room. If your room is not too large, you should not apply a theme that is too crowded. However, if some of the furniture is already too colorful, then you can choose a color for your carpet with calm and plain colors so that the room can look more neutral. Thus the room will look more comfortable to look at.

Next, make sure you balance the size of the carpet with space. So in this case you can do a size comparison between the carpet and the room. Do not let there be a carpet, this will make your narrow room even narrower. At least the size of the carpet does not cover less than 50 percent of the base in the room. But don’t be so small that it looks like it is separate itself as an element of your room.
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